Trumping obesity

Obesity is now understood to be a disease rather than a failure of will or a slothful disposition.  It is predominantly caused by our genes and also what is known as the epigenome, which are genes that are not transfixed by our DNA but can be switched on by our environmental exposures, our diets and our emotional vulnerabilities.  Our modern lifestyle, the bacteria in our gut, not getting much sleep and the menopausal transition also contribute.

 Once we lose weight hunger hormones are activated which compel us to eat and our bodies steadfastly defend our initial weight status making it diabolically difficult to shed any excess kilos and maintain any significant fat loss over time.  The ketogenic diet, a minimal or entirely absent carbohydrate affair focused on consuming exclusively fat and protein can lead to weight loss as chemicals called ketones are generated which suppress hunger but persisting with this form of eating can be demanding and it’s not exactly heart healthy.

 Intermittent fasting and reducing, not avoiding carbohydrates, is another option.  We just need to be careful not to gorge on the days we do eat having been deprived of the joys of consumption.

Essentially we are reliant on medications which suppress hunger either oral or injectable iterations and often this treatment is long lasting.  Seeking a professional who has some experience with the nuances of treatment might make this experience more manageable and successful.

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