The power of plants

I have four plants on my coffee table in front of my television set.   According to research which shows that I need them just as much as they need me to look after them, I should probably spend more time gazing lovingly in their direction and cultivating their wellbeing than repeatedly watching ‘Crazy rich Asians.’  Aside from their wondrous aesthetic they can reduce stress, expedite healing, sharpen our attention and reduce anxiety and depression, all of which leading to calmer, happier and more radiant versions of ourselves.  Then they sequester carbon and release life-sustaining oxygen, their most vital functions.

 If this in turn makes us more solicitous of our environment and our singular impacts on global warming than the recent report released by the U.N. International Panel on Climate Change which  indicates that significant changes in ocean currents and just how much sea levels will rise, both having catastrophic consequences, have yet to be locked in, suggests that nourishing our verdant universe may ultimately be our salvation.

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