The latest Covid vaccine

Let’s face it no-ones really scared of getting Covid anymore which is probably why I’m the only one on public transport and in my practice, outside of my receptionist, wearing a mask and many would even assert that’s a waste of time, but I’m going with the evidence which suggests that perhaps it isn’t.   So why be vaccinated? 

 Expert medical opinion tells us that the current vaccine is 54% effective at preventing symptoms, but for how long remains unclear.   Evidence suggests that for severe symptoms, those sometimes needing hospitalization, this protection can last longer but also wanes over time.  Being vaccinated also goes some way to preventing Long Covid, a debilitating disorder, often incapacitating, yet to be understood and successfully treated, which mercifully can resolve in the long-term.

  Because this illness remains a menace I’m constantly fortifying my immune system, an endeavour I’ve often outlined in these articles.

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