Preventative medicine and anti-ageing technology

Pioneered by Dr Michael Elstein, The Eternal Health Wellness Programme is the first of its kind in Australia, and tackles the downsides of our modern lifestyle, diet and environmental factors.

Clinical Services

Dr Michael Elstein treats people with a range of conditions including fatigue, weight gain, diminishing memory, anxiety, insomnia and more.

eBooks available on Amazon

Doctor Elstein’s books cover a range of topics including anti-ageing medicine,
allergy testing, nutritional and dietary therapy, sexual health weight-loss and more.

News & Articles

Reversing hair graying

Hard to believe this is achievable without hair dye but for those of us who obsess about looking youthful new research suggests that this emotionally

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Shuttered in LA LA land

No, we’re not all inhabiting a dream, cloistered, masked and vaccinated on a movie set in Los Angeles with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.  Lockdown

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The Gut and diseases

What happens in the gut doesn’t just say in that organ.  We now know that a whole range of diseases are linked to very specific

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