Preventative medicine and anti-ageing technology

Pioneered by Dr Michael Elstein, The Eternal Health Wellness Programme is the first of its kind in Australia, and tackles the downsides of our modern lifestyle, diet and environmental factors.

Clinical Services

Dr Michael Elstein treats people with a range of conditions including fatigue, weight gain, diminishing memory, anxiety, insomnia and more.

eBooks available on Amazon

Doctor Elstein’s books cover a range of topics including anti-ageing medicine,
allergy testing, nutritional and dietary therapy, sexual health weight-loss and more.

News & Articles

Test your memory

How many animals, fruits or countries can you name in one minute?  If you recall more than 20 in a single category you’re a winner. 

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The cholesterol makeover

Since cholesterol became our prime focus for preventing heart disease the action we need to take to neutralize its threat has constantly evolved.   We’ve had

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Covid 2022

 In August 2022 our trepidation about a virus that we thought would herald a doomsday apocalypse with cataclysmic mass casualties has appreciably waned.  The world

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