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Trump Your Prostate
The latest e-Book by Dr. Michael Elstein
Now available on Amazon Kindle

The prostate is a small walnut shaped gland situated at the base of the bladder which fuels sexual function. As men get older, the prostate can enlarge significantly compromising urine outflow.

This is the first e-Book to comprehensively describe how this process might be prevented, and if not reversed, then treated using natural medical and surgical interventions.

Dr. Michael Elstein teaches the reader valuable information about the prostate, and focuses on prevention of any prostate issues. as well as providing valuable information of options to help those that are diagnosed with prostate disease. This e-Book is about prostate health, and covers other topics regarding natural therapies and surgical options (if necessary). There is information in this e-Book that can change a man's life!

Chapter contents are:

Chapter One - The quest to conquer the prostate

Chapter Two - What happens to the prostate? 

Chapter Three - Why does the prostate enlarge? 

Chapter Four - The Hormones 

Chapter Five - Preventing and treating the enlarged prostate 

Chapter Six - The Medications 

Chapter Seven – Surgery


Now available on Amazon Kindle

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