Preventative medicine and anti-ageing technology

Pioneered by Dr Michael Elstein, The Eternal Health Wellness Programme is the first of its kind in Australia, and tackles the downsides of our modern lifestyle, diet and environmental factors.

Clinical Services

Dr Michael Elstein treats people with a range of conditions including fatigue, weight gain, diminishing memory, anxiety, insomnia and more.

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Doctor Elstein’s books cover a range of topics including anti-ageing medicine,
allergy testing, nutritional and dietary therapy, sexual health weight-loss and more.

News & Articles

Fever and Heat Exhaustion

Fevers although uncomfortable and distressing especially for mother’s witnessing their ailing offspring are a good thing.  It’s our bodies heating up to nuke an invading

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Super-ageing secrets

In a new series on SBS, entitled; ‘The Secrets of the Super-agers,’ Dr Michael Mosley, medical sleuth and relentless self-developer, now 65, traverses the universe

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Saving the prostate

The prostate is a small walnut-shaped gland at the base of the penis that essentially lubricates semen providing the jetstream of energy that allows male

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Alcohol raises blood pressure

I’ve repeatedly described how alcohol might be our archenemy.  Aside from weakening our immune systems and lowering hormone levels which can compromise sexual function new

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Alpha-ketoglutarate and ageing

Like the arms race with its catastrophic downside finding the omnipotent ageing reversal elixir has spawned equally feverish exploration often times undergirded by commercial intent. 

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