Magnesium, Covid and the future of our planet

There was a time when inadvertently we lived more in harmony with nature and benefitted from all of its bounty.   Soils which were rich in minerals provided us with vital nutrients like magnesium which we needed to look after our hearts, our immune systems and our brains.   Like our gorilla and chimpanzee ancestors we utilized these cognitive assets to fashion tools, instruments and weapons harnessing these to subdue and ultimately sully and devastate the natural home which had cradled  and protected us.    

 In ancient times before civilized behaviour lead to mass contamination and devitilization of our soils, nuts, seeds and green vegetables, magnesium’s primary source provided us with a daily intake of 600mg of this substance, more than enough to support healthy heart function, cognitive fluidity and a robust immune system.  Now with denuded soil no longer providing adequate sustenance  most of us obtain a fraction of this amount and it’s not suprising that high blood pressures and irregular heart rhythms, cognitive decline and weakened immune systems, all partly connected to a lack of magnesium, are on the rise.

 While we rely on medications to treat these conditions and vaccines to provide us with protection against marauding microbes like the coronavirus we could also utilize nature’s powerful operatives in the form of magnesium to palliate our ailing hearts, revitalize our brains and regenerate our diminished immune systems.

 Mass deforestation in the service of agriculture and industry, climate change and extreme weather events will see wild life, our natural environment and the possibility of mass extinction threatening the future of our planet on a time scale that is accelerating at tsunami-like pace.  Whether we all exert our collective will to abort and reverse this inexorable march towards planetary devastation will determine the survival of our earthly home and its capacity to provide future generations with the indispensable minerals like magnesium they need to survive.

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