Can we live forever?

Unlikely although possible is the exotic claim proposed in a new reality television show currently airing on Chanell nine which chronicles the odyssey of eight every-day Australians except for one, a past Olympic gold medal winner who recently almost succumbed to a heart attack, as they commit to radical lifestyle changes at least for some who have to put aside their destructive alcohol and cigarette fueled habits in the quest for longer healthier lives.   While some of the advice which involves regular exercise, a healthy diet, stress reduction and adequate sleep is hardly revolutionary novel longevity strategies like injections of a protein called follistatin designed to dramatically increase muscle mass and another avant-garde gene therapy utilizing  a hormone called klotho to abort neurodegeneration but yet to be tested in humans and with an exorbitant price tag are proffered as magical pathways to immortality.

 At the end of this experiment we will witness who de-ages the most but whether these commitments will persist once the camera lens has shut down and these expensive and untested gene therapies spawn the evolution of long-living superhumans only time and much more testing will tell.

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