The PQQ boost

Energy and memory are two vital processes that might be in short supply as we age.  Which is why pyrroloquinoline quinone or the much easier acronym PQQ, a vitamin-like compound found in spinach, carrots, cabbage, papayas, kiwi fruit and green peppers, might just be the tonic to revitalise these waning functions.   To rejuvenate our mitochondria, the batteries of our cells that energise us, but much less so as we get older, we might need more than these vegetables and fruits can provide.  Equally to enhance our memories research indicates that we require at least 20mg daily.

  Studies on animals and in the test tube suggest that PQQ has numerous other benefits including building healthy bones, lowering blood sugar, improving cholesterol profiles, boosting kidney and liver function and possibly preventing macular degeneration.

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