Coronavirus protection update

Our reptilian brain demands that we are driven by fear and pessimism, which is actually a survival mechanism, hence our toilet paper buying frenzy.  This is why the deluge of coronavirus updates documenting deaths, shutdowns, event cancellations and increasing encouragement to isolate and stay away from potential virus carriers who pretty soon might be just about anybody as many harboring this virus including babies and children will show no symptoms, might nourish our paranoia but it might not be doing our resilient immune systems a whole bunch of favours.

  Coronavirus is far less contagious than the influenza virus.   It is spread by means of droplets rather than an aerosol spray that remains in the air for up to fifteen minutes which is how influenza can latch on to a large number in its vicinity whereas only a few in the immediate proximity of someone who sneezes or coughs emitting transitory globules might fall foul of the coronavirus.  However, it can survive on any exposed surface for an extended period which is why hand washing and not touching our faces after we have touched such an area is prudent.  Wearing a mask might be one way to prevent droplet spread.   Although it’s not an absolute guarantee this is another barrier to prevent compulsive face touching.

  While ageing can make our immune systems less robust and hence more vulnerable to the virus Immune apocalypse has an excellent segment detailing the steps we can take to revitalize the ageing immune system. This is also a virus targeting the respiratory system and there are a host of powerful nutrients including vitamins A and C, zinc, N-acetylcysteine and glutathione that can shore up our lungs defences.   

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