Feeding our future planet

Experts have long been indicating that our fondness for animal protein is a major contributor to global warming.  Because we are rapidly running out of time to change our habits and soon our choices might be curtailed food companies are finding innovative ways to satisfy our taste buds by either getting plants to simulate the flavour of meat or fish,   Odontella for example is an algae-based substance that tastes like salmon while mung beans have been orchestrated to become eggs or even going so far as to cultivate these foods from animal cells in the laboratory. 

Peas, mung beans, fava beans, brown rice and sunflower have become the basic ingredients for a whole range of plant-based sausages and burgers.  Despite buttressing the humanitarian and planet saving benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle global meat consumption is currently at an all-time high and lovers of meat are quick to remind us that a plant-based burger is a pale imitation of the juiciness of a red-hot steak.

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