The microbiome and healthy ageing

As this diagram illustrates the distribution of microbes or germs in our Gut has a critical impact on how we age, whether we age healthily or lurch into decline and increasingly encounter medical disorders and debilitating diseases. 

 Group 1 microbes decrease with age and are associated with healthy ageing.  Group 2 consist of the harmful bacteria that increase with age and are associated with unhealthy ageing.  Group 3 increase with age and not having enough of these has been found to be associated with unhealthy ageing.  Ideally, we’d like more of groups 1 and 3 and far less of group 2. 

To find out how our microbiomes are faring a gut microbiome test can inform us how well we are positioned relative to these three groups. CVD-heart disease, CKD-chronic kidney disease.

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