Managing anxiety in troubled times

Anxiety is frozen fear.  Something frightening which might harm our physical and emotional wellbeing has happened to us in the past and treatment would be aimed at releasing us from this negative psychic attachment so that we can proceed with our lives unencumbered by debilitating emotional baggage.  In the case of the coronavirus this fear and anxiety is no longer imaginary as the threat to our lives is very real and not imagined.  This might make it even more uncomfortable for those of us who are already besieged by their inner demons and troubling for many of us who have to simply negotiate everyday encounters.

  While turning to medications to palliate our distress might be helpful there are a number of natural remedies and suggestions on this website for dealing with anxiety and insomnia.  Kava, L-theanine, tryptophan and GABA are some of the natural substances that can be utilized to manage anxiety.

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