Coronavirus update

As the virus continues to rage around the globe, it’s now surpassed all other causes as the primary cause of death worldwide, we in Australia have been remarkably fortunate as the incidence of this disorder dwindles to single digits.  It’s almost become background noise, a nuisance of the past, as hardly any wear masks on public transport, the economy commences resurrection and pubs and other venues start to reopen, albeit not yet to full capacity.  We appear to be gathering in public places as if the danger is over and this possible recklessness might be foolhardy.

  Hydroxychloroquine, the American Presidents earlier ‘game changer’ drug until it got knocked out of the game when it was shown to terminate more lives than it saved, has now been superseded by another supposed miracle worker in the form of a drug called remdesivir.  In a clinical trial those taking the drug got better after 11 days compared with 15 for the placebo, with 8% dying, compared with 11.6% in the group not receiving the drug.  A vaccine is preceding at lightening speed, already far advanced in experimentation, it might be ready for mass public administration in just a few months’ time, a trajectory that’s unprecedented, raising the dilemma of how we’ll all deal with a possible injunction that mandates vaccination for all of us.

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