Beating ageing with intermittent fasting

Combining intermittent fasting with exercise might be one of the most powerful strategies for combatting ageing.  This is because after not eating for 8-12 hours we start to use ketones from fat cells to provide the essential fuel that powers our cells.  This not only facilitates weight loss but also helps our bodies to jettison metabolic junk more efficiently, repair damaged DNA more effectively and rejuvenate cellular batteries that are constantly becoming dysfunctional as we age.  Not all does this contribute to the prevention of heart disease, cancer and dementia but these benefits carry over when we are eating allowing us to become more stress proof, resilient and disease resistant.

  There are choices here.  Either we have one of more days a week when we eat 500-700 calories less or we observe a daily 18-hour window during which we eat nothing.   Alternately we can fast for one or more days per week.  Research suggests that the final option might provide the most substantial health benefits.  Combine this with regular exercise and the evidence indicates that this can provide a powerful blueprint for improving mental and physical performance and preventing age-related diseases.

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