Taking extra vitamin D might prevent heart disease

Vitamin D, actually a hormone with far more signification than a vitamin, is not only essential for our bones and our immune systems, indispensable in the reign of Covid, it can also play a role in preventing heart disease, still our primary nemesis, despite constant reminders about the heart-healthy diet.   Most of us aren’t getting enough vitamin D, principally from whole upper torso sun exposure, 20 minutes, three times weekly between the hours of 10am and 2pm in winter, five minutes for those days at that time in summer. 

New research suggests that we might need to supplement with vitamin D to top up our reserves and doing this will in turn go some way to stopping the development of heart disease by preventing the accumulation of those clumps of toxic cholesterol that block our blood vessels.  This study shows that if you can raise your vitamin D level to 115 nmol/L, most of us reside around 60nmol/L, by taking extra vitamin D, you should be protected.

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