Sinusitis is usually not a bacterial infection that can be managed with antibiotics

Often when we having an ongoing blocked nose with a coloured discharge associated with a headache as well as pain in the face and a feeling of pressure behind the eyes we might think we have a sinus infection especially if these symptoms are ongoing and the obvious treatment for this is an antibiotic.  But most of the time unless this nasal mucous is one-sided, we have persistent fevers and loss of sense of smell the cause is not bacterial.   It’s either an allergy, sensitivity to environmental agents like perfumes, smoke or other inhalants, possibly reflux or most often a virus.

Antibiotics are the wrong course of action.  What we need to find out is what we are allergic or reacting to, often managing these with desensitizing therapies, treating viruses with antiviral remedies elaborated in ‘Immune Apocalypse,’ having the appropriate investigations to uncover reflux if this is a possibility and using nasal sprays which contain antihistamines and steroids for some relief.

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