If we can’t stop ageing can we at least age like a 10-year-old?

Yes, claims Bryan Johnson, a tech savant, who made a motza selling his company to eBay and now in his mid-forties has devoted his vast wealth to maintaining his cells in the preternaturally youthful habitus of a 10-year-old.  He even has a scientifically credible measure to back this up called the DunedinPACE rate of ageing test, a genetic investigation which examines what is termed DNA methylation or the extent to which certain genes are activated or switched off.   Researchers have found that this simple, singular blood test can estimate someone’s rate of ageing which correlates quite accurately with the degree to which their internal organs are breaking down or thriving.

 This evaluation is commercially available in this country but needs to be ordered by a doctor who understands its application.  The countless steps that Bryan Johnson undertakes to attain such youthfulness is detailed on his website https://protocol.bryanjohnson.com/.  His supplementary regimen is not dissimilar to mine.   Unlike Bryan I don’t think I’ve regressed to a pre-adolescent.   His quest to conserve eternal vitality will be subject to far greater scrutiny as he gets older.

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