Do we need more protein as we age and from where, animals or vegetables?

Protein is that essential, unsexy, not so tasty nutrient found in meat, fish and eggs, much less so in vegetable sources like beans that is vital for our muscles, bones and brains.  The problem is that unbeknownst to us the vast majority of us aren’t consuming enough protein (measurable with a special blood test) as we get older.  Some experts even claim that we need to be eating up to 2grams per kilo per day to prevent muscle loss which accelerates frailty.  This means that we need to be wolfing down a reasonable serve of chicken, fish or meat four times daily or the bean equivalent that would probably re-ignite Vesuvius.

 Aside from this significant reliance on animal-based protein having decimating effects on our natural environment feeding mice a high protein diet leads to their premature demise as repair and maintenance pathways become overwhelmed and dysfunctional.  Protein limitation does just the opposite and is lifespan extending.  It all appears to depend on whether we want to salvage our brawn or our brains.  For some muscles vs mind might be a no-brainer.

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