Boosting memory and cognitive skills

Work performance and personal wellbeing can be significantly enhanced by improvements in learning, memory and concentration.  Some tips for improving these vital functions include:

  • Regular exercise has been proven to improve focus, memory and wellbeing.
  • Meditation, yoga, mindfulness and similar techniques have been shown to revitalise mental function.
  • Guided brain training exercises with regular practising of newly acquired learning and memory skills has been empirically proven to enhance mental acuity and increase wellbeing.
  • Neuropsychological assessment is recommended to quantify personal cognitive strengths and weaknesses, followed up with the provision of individually tailored cognitive remediation strategies. 
  • Eating soon after dark and leaving a 14-hour gap between the evening and morning meal can allow for the efficient removal of toxic chemicals and cellular garbage that might compromise healthy brain activity.
  • The optimal diet and selective nutrients outlined in ‘The Wellness Guide to Preventing the Diseases of Ageing’ can be used to augment brain function.
  • The presence of toxic metals such as mercury, lead and aluminium and others need to be identified and appropriately managed before they harm the brain.
  • Hormones that affect cognitive ability and mood need to be assessed and optimised.
  • Stress and excessive production of the hormone cortisol need to be mitigated before they adversely affect memory.
  • Tests that measure homocysteine, cholesterol, glucose metabolism, food allergy/intolerance and vitamin and mineral status are a vital component of any brain enrichment programme.
  • Good quality sleep is vital for preserving healthy brain functioning.
  • An optimal balance of germs in the gut, assessed by means of stool and urine tests, is fundamental for favourable brain function.
  • Genes that are pertinent to brain function can be utilised to individualise brain enhancement strategies and to prevent mental decline.
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