What is the best form of exercise?

Ideally we should be giving our bodies a workout for at least 150 minutes a week and I would have thought that the best way to achieve this is to spend a substantial amount of this time doing interval training on a bike, preferably a stationary one in the comfort of your own home unless you want to risk being totalled in the traffic.  Interval training means you alternate going as fast as you can for about twenty to thirty seconds with a more relaxed pace.  Turns out I’m wrong. 

 Swimming is the one form of exercise which engages the whole body.  The impact on the lower back is less than with biking or running which means there is less chance of injury.  Resistance is evenly distributed throughout the whole body which makes it more difficult to affect our hips or knees in any adverse way.  It’s good for our hearts and our lungs, builds strength and endurance and boosts mood.  All you need to find is a place you can enjoy all these benefits without the company of screaming children.

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