The secrets of healthy ageing

This neat diagram extracted from recent research and possibly a little simplistic suggests that healthy ageing is highly dependant on ingesting the right stuff which contributes to a salubrious balance of beneficial bacteria in our gut and this in turn provides richly charged life sustaining fuel for our hearts and our brains.  Aligned with regular exercise we have a possible roadmap for successfully negotiating an often turbulent and exacting journey.
 Its foundation is the Mediterranean diet which veers away from meat and excessive protein consumption highlighting some fish, an abundance of vegetables, modest quantities of fruit, as well as nuts and olive oil.   The compendium of biotics can be succinctly encapsulated in a serving of kefir, containing more nutritious gut bacteria than yoghurt.   Prebiotics are housed in bananas, kale, spinach, onions, garlic and artichokes.  Omega-3-fatty acids are found in fish and flaxseed oil.  The antioxidants that appear to do us the most good by ramping up our hardy gut microbes are resveratrol and curcumin.
 Exercise aside from beefing up our bodies and invigorating our hearts and our brains also nurtures the gut.  Research suggests that a moderate amount of exercise combining aerobic and weight training done regularly might result in the best outcome for our gut and consequently our longevity.
 While the authors of this diagram caution that more research is needed to conclusively substantiate this template there seems to be at least some evidence showcased by them which supports this programme.   The challenge lies in remaining consistently faithful to its execution.
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