The minerals we aren’t getting enough of

 Every organ system in our bodies from our brains to our intestines to our hearts and bones needs minerals to function.  Without essential minerals like magnesium, potassium, zinc and calcium we would not be able to think clearly, memorise acurately, digest efficiently, pump blood around our bodies and make healthy bones.  We get these vital substances from our soil which has been devitalized by years of destructive agricultural practices and a relentless barrage of poisonous chemicals.  Patients with whom I consult regularly whose intellectual function, digestive capacity and energetic reserves are significantly diminished routinely have blood tests  which reveal that they lack minerals.

  The digestive system for example needs potassium to make stomach acid that helps us to digest our foods, magnesium to make our bowels work, zinc to protect us from any germs that might cause disease and selenium that might help to prevent bowel cancer.  One way to avoid malfunctions of the bowel for which we are often medicated might simply be a matter of ensuring we get enough minerals.

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