The battle to save the planet

I’ve always maintained that to live your best life just watch what everyone does and do the opposite.  When it comes to our commitment to saving our planet and the actions we can take now to having a beneficial impact if we all continue on the same path and no-one does anything differently the results could be cataclysmic much sooner than we anticipate.  This edition of Time magazine aside from exploring the devastation that our current behaviour is already exacting on our increasingly fragile world also explains what we can do now to alter and possibly even reverse this inexorable march towards planetary decimation.  

  Embracing renewable energy, siding with investments that reward global warming reducing initiatives while discouraging those that continue to support coal fire energy, altering our eating habits and turning our backs on plastic and our unconscious and habitual dependence on private transportation are just some of the interventions that each of us can immediately adopt to prevent our lives and those of our offspring from becoming unbearable.

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