Super-ageing secrets

In a new series on SBS, entitled; ‘The Secrets of the Super-agers,’ Dr Michael Mosley, medical sleuth and relentless self-developer, now 65, traverses the universe garnering insights into how he and all of us can live longer, healthier lives.  There are a host of initiatives and the recipe for longevity grows weekly.   All of these activities are supported by some objectively measurable wellbeing indicator. 

High intensity interval training, also known as HIT, involves walking fast for about 4 minutes then slowing down to a relaxed pace followed by more fast walking and normal-paced walking for the duration of about 30 minutes.   We need to do this 3-4 times weekly.

 Learning a new skill like painting, a foreign language or a musical instrument, meditating regularly, wearing a mask when sleeping, constantly engaging and challenging our sense of smell and consuming mangoes to reduce wrinkles, yes there is evidence, are some of the offerings we can embrace.   Then there is spending some time immersed in nature, as often as our mobile phones allow, benefits being proportional to the amount of time our brains aren’t being cooked, another revitalizing winner.

 If we do all these things Methuselah might be watching in some remote haven nervously waiting for his longevity mantle to be appropriated.

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