David Sinclair and the immune system

David Sinclair is one of the gurus of the anti-ageing movement and I recently wrote an article for Wellbeing magazine, which I contribute to regularly, critically examining his anti-ageing model.

Sinclair would also attest to the need to assess and augment our immune systems especially in light of our current crisis, which is putting our immune capabilities to the test. The below table lists some of the immune system markers which can be measured as part of a wellness assessment.

 Mounting a satisfactory immune response to vaccination, resisting viruses, bacteria and parasites and eliminating cancer cells all deteriorate with ageing.  Measuring the below as well as a healthy ratio of CD4:CD8 cells, which should be > 2, another component of the immune system assessment not detailed below will provide some indication of the robustness of anyone’s immune capacity.

 Another indicator of an ageing immune system is the presence of what is known as inflammatory cytokines partly assessed by the presence of an immune system protein called C-reactive protein, listed below.  An excess of these is associated with lower grip strength and slower walking ability.

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