Nuking senescent cells

According to recent research out of the University of Queensland what contributes significantly to brain ageing is the accumulation of senescent cells which as the epithet suggests are weather-beaten entities clogging up the mechanics of our higher centres ultimately seeding the evolution of crippling diseases like dementia.  Eliminating these dinosaurs might not only assist our cognitive processing but might also go some way to preventing neurodegeneration and Alzheimer’s.

 That’s exactly what these scientists were able to accomplish at least with test-tube generated brain cells.   They achieved this seminal outcome in part by utilising natural substances like quercetin, a vitamin like bioflavonoid, with other research indicating that fisetin, a plant-sourced antioxidant, intermittent fasting and magnesium might have similar benefits.

  What we now need to do is give these brain-salvaging heroes to a group of subjects, quantify their senescent cells and observe if their presence is indeed diminished by this intervention, an assessment which might need AI smarts to become reality.

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