Immune Apocalypse

As we are currently entering the throes of the flu season predicated by a woefully ineffective influenza vaccine this book is indeed timely.  it’s a one-stop shop examination of all the natural strategies that can be adopted to boost the immune system and it also provides a scientific update on the management of auto-immune disease and mental health. See below for chapter titles and an excerpt from the introduction.

Introduction: Page 5                                       

Chapter one:
The Scourge of antibiotic resistance. Page 9

Chapter two:
Are vaccinations the solution? – Page 25

Chapter three:
Diet and its impact on the immune system. – Page 31

Chapter four:
Nutrients that empower the immune system. – Page 47

Chapter Five:
The Gut Microbiome and the   immune system. – Page 67

Chapter Six:
Hormones and the Immune System. – Page 79

Chapter Seven:
The rise of autoimmune disease in the 21st century. – Page 84

Chapter Eight:
The immune system and our mental health. – Page 93

Chapter Nine:
The ageing immune system – Page 107

Chapter Ten:
Assessing the immune system – Page 114

This is a book about what we can do to avert catastrophe and prevent an immune apocalypse.  It’s about the actions all of us can take to
embolden our immune systems and make them as tough and as resilient as possible so that when Armageddon happens we’ll be ready and we will prevail.

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