Treating the frozen thyroid

Anyone suffering from fatigue, weight gain, depression, dry skin, hair loss, cold hands and feet and diminished memory and mental function has an underactive thyroid until proven otherwise.   When the thyroid doesn’t work everything slows down, the mind and the body become locked in a slow-motion replay.  The origins of cognitive impairment and heart disease can be traced at least in part to a thyroid gland that is grinding to a halt.

  Unfortunately the standard treatment for thyroid hormone dysfunction is a medication called thyroxine but often this form of thyroid fails to reverse the above listed symptoms.  This might be because for thyroid hormones to execute their functions we need essential nutrients like zinc, selenium,  B vitamins, vitamin A as well as the presence of vitamin D and we might be lacking all or some of these.   The only way we can find out is to have a comprehensive assessment of our nutrient status and correct these deficiencies before we can effectively reverse our underactive thyroid woes.

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