The top ten superfoods for 2022

Yes, the list is already out and it includes some all faithfuls like turmeric, a powerful anti-inflammatory, pomegranate seed, anti-cancer agent, cranberries, antioxidant and urinary detergent, fermented foods, good for the gut, cruciferous vegetables, breast and prostate cancer preventive, lesser embraced luminaries like ancient grains, wheat substitutes, tahini, rich in calcium and hemp seed, not to be smoked and heart healthy. 

 Then there are debutantes like mankai, the world’s smallest vegetable, which is probably why I haven’t recognised it on supermarket shelves.  It comes replete with an array of amino acids, iron and B vitamins, to be consumed in powdered form with your smoothie.   Try googling super green  walnut mankai smoothie or mankai duckweed.  

 Finally, we are about to be hit by Moringa, also not part of my current daily ritual.  Originating from Africa it is loaded with vitamins C, E, beta-carotene and protein and is predicted to eclipse almond macha, an overwhelmingly bland tasting drink, as the go-to beverage of the cappuccino set.  Expect Moringa Mint Chip Frozen Coconut Cream and Maple Toffee Crunch Chocolate to be surfacing at a whole foods precinct near you.   Wow, talk about a health oxymoron.

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