The new body friendly weight loss drug

Unquestionably weight loss gets harder as we get older.  We might take cold showers in the heart of winter to stimulate fat burning (not for the faint hearted) push ourselves to the limit with high intensity interval training and religiously drive our bodies through an exacting exercise routine.   Still, we might be disappointed with our weight loss outcomes.  Now there might be a new drug to ease our metabolic inertia.

The Garvan Institute in Sydney, a regular haven of medical innovation, has formulated a new drug designed to switch off fat storage and stimulate fat burning that might be effective in humans with a relative lack of side effects.  Until now weight loss medications have been severely hampered by psychiatric and cardiovascular complications, which have limited their utility.  Rather than store energy which is fat cells customary modus operandi, this drug turns these cells into fat burning machines.  Because it acts directly on those cells rather than the areas of the brain which oversee our eating behaviour, up till now the target of available weight loss medications, this new formulation might lead to a paucity of adverse effects.

 It’s not yet commercially available so for the time being we might be stuck with freezing cold showers and tortuous exercise routines.

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