Shuttered in LA LA land

No, we’re not all inhabiting a dream, cloistered, masked and vaccinated on a movie set in Los Angeles with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.  Lockdown Angst (also LA) has once again become our place of refuge as we nervously negotiate the new reality of a virulent and easily transmissible delta strain of the covid virus.  Most of us in this country aren’t even familiar with anyone who has suffered from any form of covid which might partially explain our tepid response to the vaccination drive.  We might be entering a new age separating and dividing the vaccinated from those who haven’t rolled up their sleeves.  In the USA and in the UK, where there has been a substantial vaccination uptake, certainly significantly more than ours, this has become the passport for entrance to sporting and cultural events, as well as entertainment venues.   

 While we’re hiding behind our masks and distancing ourselves from the vapours of anyone who might be a potentially lethal source we can also fortify our immune systems with vitamins A, C and D, a vitamin like nutrient called quercetin, zinc and melatonin before bedtime.  A blood test and immune system assessment can illuminate our vitamin A, D and zinc status which can be used as a guide for either obtaining more of these from our diet and other natural sources or taking supplements.

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