Reversing hair graying

Hard to believe this is achievable without hair dye but for those of us who obsess about looking youthful new research suggests that this emotionally harrowing external feature of ageing might be triggered by excessive stress.  Historical evidence is provided by none other than Marie Antionette whose hair went white overnight, the day before her execution.  In a group of participants, scientists were able to correlate hair graying with periods of significant emotional stress finding that when this was countered with meaningful stress reduction, for example by taking a holiday or exiting a destructive emotional relationship hair graying was reversed.  In order to significantly alter the graying process the trick appears to be combat stress when it first occurs rather than wait for graying to set in or for ongoing stress to accelerate this undesirable sign that we are reluctant members of the seniors club.

  If you don’t feel stressed and your hair is graying at an alarming rate measuring the hormone cortisol can identify unexpected spiraling stress levels which can then be neutralized with special nutrients, (see article on L-theanine) exercise, meditation or the actions mentioned above.  Who knows, you might even miraculously witness the resurgence of your natural non-graying hair colour.

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