Resveratrol’s anti-viral and coronavirus suppressing potential

With the coronavirus still raging around the world and staging a low-level resurgence in this country aside from all the strategies elaborated in Immune Apocalypse and in previous posts on this site, resveratrol, a natural substance derived from the skin of red grapes, is another potential combatant that can be used to defeat this menace.  Although we don’t yet have clinical trials on humans research conducted in the test tube and on animals indicates that resveratrol has inhibitory effects on a whole range of viruses including the influenza virus, herpes viruses that lead to chicken pox and shingles, as well as viruses that cause gastroenteritis.

 When it comes to the coronavirus resveratrol has the capacity to empower those components of the immune system that counter this virus, limit the viruses ability to multiply and tamp down the inflammatory response that makes the virus so destructive.  It might also encourage cells impregnated with the virus to self-destruct.

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