Optimism, health and 2021

If we want to isolate one simple strategy that might have a significantly positive effect on our health and wellbeing moving into the New Year we might not have to dramatically change the way we behave. It might be down to an elementary change in attitude.  Research suggests that optimism can generate a myriad of health benefits from lowering blood pressure, boosting the immune system, reducing elevated cholesterol and making us recover quicker post surgery to living longer, healthier lives. 

Although having a sunnier disposition may be in part genetic, some of us a born optimists, it is an attitude than can be cultivated by focusing on the positive, in part by being grateful for all the kindness and graciousness bestowed on us, while we are besieged by a barrage of tragedies promulgated by the media.

The widespread commercial embrace of meat alternatives in the form of plant-based burgers, the growth in the availability of renewable energy from wind and solar, as we increasingly shut down coal-fired power sources and the global transition to electric motor cars, as well as public transport fueled by electricity, walking and cycling, are just some of the encouraging positives that we’d like to see flourish in 2021.

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