New inventions, anti-aging fruit and B vitamins to amplify Christmas cheer

Fruit is sweet enough to preclude any sugar-coated marketing strategy but when strawberries and cherries, shown to inhibit cancer cells, at least in a test tube, and blueberries rejuvenate ageing brains, Gardyn, one of the 100 best inventions of 2020 allows those who want to grew their own but lack the space for an outdoor garden the possibility of cultivating these anti-ageing delights within the confines of their own homes, this might be a Christmas treat worth embracing.  This AI powdered indoor vertical structure provides the choice of a range of fruit and vegetables that can be harvested in the living room and immediately transferred to the dinner table.

  We don’t often look at our tongues in the mirror but scalloped edges and crevasses running down the centre might indicate the we lack B vitamins.  This essential group of vitamins, sourced from whole grains, meat, nuts, beans, lentils, avocado, milk, eggs, and citrus fruits is vital for energy, DNA repair, mental and emotional function.   Studies indicate that B vitamins can be used to manage insomnia, help prevent Parkinson’s and macular degeneration and reduce epigenetic age.   Looking to revive the Christmas spirit, take a glance at your tongue.

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