Mould and the respiratory system

We’ve coexisted with mould since the beginning of time and our immune systems have found a way to prevent this substance from harming us.  Unfortunately, some of us have a genetic weakness making us more susceptible to its adverse effects.  A dramatic increase in environmental pollutants might further be weakening our capacity to deal effectively with mould exposure.  Anyone who has ongoing health concerns like fatigue, brain fog, a persistent cough, pain when urinating that is not an infection and unresolved gut dysfunction, to name just a few of the myriad issues caused by mould sensitivity, especially if these symptoms are triggered by certain environments like the home, might benefit from isolating the source of this exposure and terminating it together with expediting its elimination.

Combating coronavirus is tough enough but if our lungs are under siege from another potentially deleterious substance this battle can become even more challenging. 

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