Inflammation, Long Covid and Pro-Resolving Mediators

While getting Covid can be debilitating and sometimes tragically life ending it is long Covid with its attendant symptoms of brain fog and mental incapacity, breathlessness, gastrointestinal problems, frightening changes in heartbeat and overwhelming fatigue, to name just of few of the exacting and torturous difficulties experienced by those dealing with this syndrome that takes an immense toll on those who have to endure this nightmare seemingly without end.  While we have yet to exactly determine what propels those who suffer from this disorder into a relentless tide of dysfunction and distress, chronic or unremitting inflammation might fan the flames of this ongoing disease.  Inflammation has been invoked as one of the causes of heart disease as indicated above as well as cognitive decline and dementia.  Its ongoing unceasing burn might also be part of the inextinguishable inferno that envelopes those with long Covid. 

 There are a number of conventional medications and natural remedies that have been utilized to treat this condition, sometimes successfully.   One of the newer remedies that might make a positive impact is pro-resolving mediators.  We make these naturally in our bodies when we consume fish, oils, avocado, nuts and seeds, from what is technically called 3 and n-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids and what they do is put out fires or douse inflammation.

 Will taking more than our bodies commonly manufacture help to extinguish long Covid?  Technically, in a test tube, the answer is yes.  They might help to curb and resolve the inflammation in damaged lungs, dissolve blood clots and put a stop to the progressive damage and destruction that causes organs to implode and self-destruct.  Now all we need is the evidence that proves this.

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