Eggs and dairy-can we eat as much as we want?

 According to the new healthy eating guidelines just released by the Heart Foundation research now indicates that eggs and dairy are just fine for the heart.  If we’re healthy we can eat as many eggs as we want but those with type 2 diabetes or high cholesterol need to limit their consumption to seven weekly.  Research suggests that full fat is heart neutral but the heart foundation still advises that the presence of heart disease and high cholesterol would be better served by low fat choices.  Health experts are overjoyed by these new recommendations endorsing the notion that eggs and dairy are heart friendly.

 Unfortunately, this myopic heart-centric focus fails to take account of the adverse effects that dairy and eggs have on other parts of our body.  As indicated in the December 2018 newsletter eating more than two eggs per week increases breast and prostate cancer risk, while more than five raises the possibility of developing ovarian cancer.  Research also connects dairy consumption with prostate cancer.  While our hearts can rest easy indulging in unlimited amounts of dairy and eggs can  have seriously detrimental consequences for the rest of us.

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