Eating less to live longer

Most of us love to eat and the food industry mavens are savvy about the ideal combinations that stimulate our engagement so any suggestion we can eat less to live longer might be met with shrugs of disinterest.  Constantly denying ourselves culinary pleasure is hard to maintain for extended periods making this sort of endeavour even more questionable.  Then, if we are going to deprive ourselves of regular eating, we might not be getting the nutrients we need to look after our muscles and our bones, throwing another curveball at this demanding enterprise.  However, for those who are committed the gains which include avoiding heart disease, losing weight and not getting diabetes, elevated cholesterol or raised blood pressure, as well as eliminating cellular garbage more efficiently, might be sufficient motivation to sustain this oddball behaviour.

  We don’t have to eat less every day.  Alternative strategies include intermittent fasting or time restricted eating, for example doing this in the morning and avoiding food for the rest of the day, which is also not easy.   Looks like intermittent fasting might be the less demanding option,  if indeed there is such a perspective, in a culture that encourages us to continuously consume.

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