Drugs and the microbiome

As I indicated in my new book ‘Immune Apocalypse’ at the beginning of time we used to be bacteria and then we morphed into supposedly superior life forms who have found a way to increasingly obliterate the myriad benefits that these more elemental creatures have provided us for eons essentially establishing a humans versus microbes survival battleground and they are increasingly winning the war.  The reckless and often unnecessary deployment of antibiotics together with a host of other pharmaceuticals including the pill,  laxatives, drugs used to treat diabetes like the medication metformin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories and proton pump inhibitors that alleviate heartburn all contribute to ransacking our microbiomes or the healthy balance of germs that inhabit our bodies making it easier for the microbial army to prevail.

  What we need to do is find a way to return to a more pristine existence when we were less reliant on a daily regimen of life sustaining drugs and our resilience in harmony with nature’s bounty allowed for a healthier coexistence with our bacterial ancestors.

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