Coronavirus protection revisited

Viewing the daily devastation that this virus has exacted on communities around the globe has been a humbling and frightening experience.  I’m cautiously optimistic that by optimizing our immune systems using dietary, nutritional, exercise based, hormonal and supplementary interventions we will be far more able to at least lock horns with this thing if not defeat it.    We haven’t been hit hard in Australia yet so in a few months I’ll probably be better placed to evaluate the wisdom of this gambit.  Vitamin C and other nutritional strategies are already being incorporated in hospitals both in China and the USA to combat coronavirus which indicates that the conventional medical fraternity is not oblivious to the benefits of these substances.

 In addition to the nutrients mentioned in a previous article (link) resveratrol, curcumin, quercetin and astaxanthin have the potential to combat coronavirus.  Making sure we get enough sunlight and possibly supplementing with vitamin D as well as making melatonin when we sleep or also taking extra amounts of this hormone might equally fortify our immune capabilities.

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