Can intermittent fasting really slow down ageing?

Not according to a recent study showing that adhering to a Western diet for five days of the week and then only consuming vegetables on the fast days might lead to weight loss but not reduce inflammation, improve insulin sensitivity or promote autophagy, the elimination of cellular junk, parameters that identify age reversal.   This might happen for two reasons.  Firstly, consuming foods typical of a Western diet including those laden with fat and sugar as well as processed foods when we can eat whatever we want is hardly going to advance our metabolic capital and foster longevity.  Secondly if we are going to fast for two days a week which encourages the elimination of toxins and aborts inflammation we might need to do exactly that rather than have our bodies deal with a slurry of chemically impregnated vegetables.

 What I have been doing is commencing the two days on which I fast with a protein rich smoothie after which I go without any food for 24 hours while ensuring that I remain well hydrated.  I’ve also added regular infrared saunas and hyperbaric oxygen together with cardiovascular exercise and weight training, meditation and yoga to my regimen.  Will this make me feel better and slow down ageing?  Time will tell.

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