Avocado, maybe more precious than chocolate or bitcoin

I have this great idea for marrying avocado with salted caramel to provide a unique ice-cream experience.  It might just be the ideal combination of fat and sugar to ignite all of our gustatory pleasures.   If it’s a winner this might help all those who aren’t enthused about the taste of avocado to enjoy the many salubrious benefits of this wonder fruit, which technically it is, not a vegetable.

 Clinical trials show that it can augment brain power, prevent heart disease, help us to lose weight,  boost the presence of protective germs in our gut and even enhance the absorption of carotenoids, antioxidant rich pigments that produce the bright yellow, red, and orange colours in plants, vegetables, and fruits.  Imagine if it did take off in an ice-cream.  Would it become more popular than chocolate or bitcoins?

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