A novel way to assess how rapidly we are ageing

Aside from the telltale external signs of ageing longevity science has always sort to isolate the key tests which would tell us if our bodies are ageing prematurely.  One of these is the micronucleus index, a measure of DNA damage.  The greater the micronucleus index the more our bodies are going into early decline.  Genetics, exposure to environmental poisons, nutrient deficiencies and even our sex, (for some reason women have higher levels than men) are drivers of the micronucleus index.

 In the not to distant future health practitioners will be able to measure the micronucleus index as well as all those factors that are causing it to overshoot and then institute a personalised programme for their patients to reduce their score and possibly even reverse the ageing process. For example nutrients like the B vitamin group, zinc, calcium and vitamin E have all been noted to influence the micronucleus index.  Assessing these and correcting any deficiencies might improve our results and help us live longer and healthier.

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